Good News… The Zimvest App is live!

The Zimvest App is live!

We have officially launched the Zimvest mobile app 🎉

Now you can grow your funds in a more convenient way and have more time for other things you enjoy doing.

Download the Zimvest App now on Google Play Store or iOS App Store to get started.

We believe in a new way of investing — which is why we have detached all the complicated jargons and complex processes most financial services have, and created a simplified interface to help investors like you smoothen your financial journey.

Most importantly, we are regulated by the…

How to spot and avoid an investment scam

How to spot and avoid an investment scam

Financial innovation brings with it a lot of conveniences. But these conveniences come with their own risks as well as online fraudsters who target internet users.

Fraudsters use increasingly advanced methods to rip people off their hard-earned money.

While credit card fraud has peaked in the past, there has been a significant uptick in investment scams during the Covid-19 pandemic, and many investors have been victims of an investment scam.

Some of these investment scams are designed to look like the real deal. …

How to be smart with your money during the festive season

How to be smart with your money during the festive season

Holidays are a time to celebrate and give, but it’s easy to get carried away by the festive spirit and squander money.

We’ve put together a few tips to help you get through the holidays with your finances unscathed.

Create a budget and stick to it

Creating a budget before you start your festive shopping is a good idea. This will enable you to minimize excessive spending and avoid unnecessary purchases. …

Are you stuck in the pre-investor life cycle?

It was payday two weeks ago, and you probably have a list of bills to pay, once again.

These bills are unending, as a result, you can hardly save a fraction of your earnings since your bills take a larger chunk of what you earn. It happened last month, the month before, and now it’s happening again.

You honestly have the thoughts of saving or investing but it hasn’t happened just yet. Sorry to break the news but you are stuck in the pre-investor life cycle.

A pre-investor is simply someone who isn’t investing. The pre-investor financial lifestyle is primarily…

2021 already on a full-speed, what would you do differently?

Starting the year strong: 2021

2020 was a tough year with a lot of weird experiences, the coronavirus pandemic and resulting economic downturn have taken their toll. A lot of families have lost a loved one, many people have lost their jobs and several others are struggling financially.

One exciting thing to be happy about is that you made it to 2021.

With 2021 starting off at a full speed, it is worth taking a moment to reflect on recent events and set your goals for the new year.

If you have not set your…

The Queen’s Gambit of Investing: Zimvest.

The Queen’s Gambit takes us on the journey of a talented chess player Elizabeth “Beth” Harmon, as she navigates the world of chess. Thanks to the Queen’s Gambit, an orphaned girl’s rise to chess stardom is now the streamer’s most-watched scripted limited series of all time, leading Google’s search queries of ‘how to play chess’ to hit an all-time high in 9 years, quite phenomenal!

As a seasoned financial expert, and a lover of chess, I instantly connected with the Queen’s Gambit show because it showcased the methodological and strategic thinking a chess player must possess — visualization, calculation, evaluation…

With or without a pandemic, having fun is not up for a bargain, one only has to do it within budget and yet relish as much excitement as one can, so one does not start the year on an empty vault, since January is always imaginarily long.

December comes with a great temptation to spend! When one thinks of “December,” typically what comes to mind is spending lots of money to have a fun-filled holiday.

In fact, this December is the most anticipated one in recent times due to the effect of the pandemic. A lot of people are fun-starved…

Do Small, Do More, Win Big!

I have been trying to tell you this, it is even more surprising that I had to wait till this time to tell this open secret.

There is something I just figured out that I think also affects many investors or would-be investors, and that thing is a great goal or dream killer.

Do not think I am about to tell you something quite astounding, it is probably what you already know but do not pay attention to.

Yes, this is it!

It is the power of small things.

If you have ever witnessed a professional golf tournament or played golf yourself, you know how challenging and competitive a sport it is.

So much can go wrong very quickly, and the margin of error is extremely low. To be remarkably successful in golf, there are certain skills to master that are quite similar to the skills you need to become a good investor.

Get off to a good start

CBN reduces interest rate on savings

Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) instructs Banks to peg the minimum interest rate on savings deposit at 10% of Monetary Policy Rate (MPR) per annum.

The CBN has reviewed the minimum interest rate on local currency savings deposit to 10% of the MPR (1.25% per annum), effective immediately.

This implies a decline in interest rate, compared to the previous rate (3.9%, being 30% of the MPR), rendering savings in commercial banks less attractive. We think that this policy reflects the CBN’s focus on driving economic growth, by increasing credit flow to the real sector.

The MPR is the benchmark rate…

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